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Add a wow factor to your garage with Peel and Stick Garage Tiles

Peel and Stick Garage Tiles will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any garage with its 12 beautiful and vibrant colors. These garage tiles not only look good but they are designed to look great and last for a long time. That is why they also feature a 5 year warranty.These garage tiles are manufactured from a high quality solid virgin vinyl from top to bottom without being layered that features a high glossy finish.




These garage tiles are very easy to install and have simple easy to follow instructions. These garage tiles are great for protecting garage floors as they are ideal for covering stains and cracks and also assist in preventing concrete deterioration.They also offer cushioned comfort for anti-fatigue benefit.



These garage tiles also assist in preventing dirt from tracking inside the home and keep the homes clean.They also aid in reducing and insulating noise in the house. They come in a gorgeous diamond tread pattern and have 12 vibrant colors. These tiles are also very easy to clean as they don't have to be taken off and cleaned periodically.They can be easily cleaned with soap and water but care should be taken as to not to use harsh chemicals. 



These garage tiles are resistant to chemicals like anti-freeze,alkali, oil and salt. They have no hazardous chemicals like lead, asbestos etc. These peel and stick tiles are tough enough to drive or walk on and the longer it sets the better it will look.


That is why Peel and Stick Garage Tiles are the most economical, practical and aesthetic investment for your home.